South Bay, California

Hyemin Bahk

Content Strategist

As our resident Content Strategist, Hyemin is responsible for asking good questions to write great messages, both for our team and for our clients.

For Hyemin, writing is a kind of conversation, and the goal is always for people to feel known and understood. Part of that process is her gift for giving and receiving thoughtful feedback so that every important idea is communicated clearly. At the core of Hyemin’s creative process is her desire to reflect her creator. In her words, “As we are created in God’s image, He’s gifted us with different ways to display His creativity, and I’m reminded of God’s goodness in the ways that I can show creativity.”
Outside of Amenable, Hyemin is a biblical counselor both vocationally and at her church, and we can see that same attention to others through her work here. A few fun facts about her are that she is also bilingual in Korean and English, and she is a sucker for well-made, historical movies. You’ll have to ask her what her latest favorite is.
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