Columbus, Ohio

Jess St. Onge

Graphic Designer & Strategist

As a Graphic Designer & Strategist, Jess often leads the way in shaping how people feel after encountering a client’s brand for the first time. She enjoys the balancing act of pushing a brand in new directions to elevate it beyond what previously seemed possible, all while keeping the familiar “heart” of an organization. In Jess’s words, “When I design, I want clients to know and feel that they are truly seen. Their mission and vision—the real reason their business/project exists—is at the center of my design, and I will do extensive research to achieve that.”

With her penchant for aesthetics and her eye for color, clients can expect to be surprised in the best way as Jess finds new ways to express who they are. In her free time, Jess is either throwing pottery or speed thrifting—hitting every thrift store in a ten-mile radius of a random location as quickly as possible. It’s truly an impressive feat.

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