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What makes a small business stand out?

This is the question that drove our new brand for Flamingo, an event-planning agency based in Omaha, Nebraska. Emily Novotny came to us with a challenge for her business—when people think about large-scale events, they usually imagine weddings, but that’s not the main space she wanted to work in. Instead, her ambition was to be the premier luxury event planner of the western United States.


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Party planning costs a pretty penny but the businesses who do it are a dime a dozen, so we asked the question of what makes a small business stand out. The answer was Emily herself. When she approached us, she knew she wanted a brand that captured her personality—professional, loyal, and with a bit of spice.

The answer was Flamingo—a no-frills brand for parties with all the frills.

It was important for Emily to showcase a brand that was bigger than herself, so we worked with her to build a brand around the image of a flamingo—birds that are visibly brash and unique, but oddly regal. Furthermore, flamingos are fiercely dedicated to caring for their young, and that concept lent itself to reflecting Emily’s care for every single event she plans. The logo highlights the playfulness of the word flamingo, so we opted to emphasize the word “go” by stretching it. In doing so, we visually suggest that this is a brand with momentum, and––like Emily––it is ready to spring into action.

Emily had a desire to do work that was bigger than herself. She had previously worked as a political consultant and found that she didn’t enjoy having her name on everything she did. She knew she thrived behind the scenes, and it was critical for her to have a brand identity that allowed her work to speak for itself without hiding her.

Along with developing brand visuals, we also crafted language that would convey the vibrant ambition Emily has, arriving at the tagline: “Great events in good hands.” It’s succinct, it’s catchy, and it dovetails with the three guiding values we articulated for the brand—

1. Clear, not minimalist
2. Female over feminine
3. A dynamic kind of professional

In Flamingo’s case, these distinctives are what make a small business stand out. They help set Emily’s business apart from the countless event planners focusing on weddings, which was a critical directive throughout the project, as she intends for her niche to be large-scale events other than matri-money makers. The values—along with the visual brand—move away from the stuffy formality clients associate with suit-and-tie events, but they don’t neglect the importance of professional competence.

Finally, we made a wide range of templates and visual content that Emily could use on her social media channels as desired, ensuring that any consumer-facing messaging would adhere to the Flamingo brand. In short, we followed the Flamingo MO with this project—we put great work in good hands so that Emily can grow her business and attract the clients she wants.
What makes a small business stand out?
What makes a small business stand out?
What makes a small business stand out?
What makes a small business stand out?
What makes a small business stand out?
What makes a small business stand out?
What makes a small business stand out?
What makes a small business stand out?
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