Enjoy some [gratitude] hours on us

At Amenable, we’re profoundly grateful for the working relationships that have come our way by happy clients making connections and referring people to us. In fact, most of our clients come to us that way. We want to thank you for believing in our work enough to make the connection, and we want to do that by doing what we do best—offering you more work.

For free.

Consider it payback. The Good Kind.

How do they work?

Gratitude hours are a referral system, so each time someone mentions you when signing a contract with us, you’ll get five free hours of work from our team. You can put these toward anything that comes to mind—if you’ve got a small project you want finished or you want to dedicate some extra focus to a larger on-going project, the choice is yours.*

(*If you don’t have a current project, we’ve got another option for you.)

What you can do with 5 hours

A lot. You can do a lot, but we’ve put together a few ideas to help you brainstorm.


Our team can complete a review and audit of your social media accounts, do some target audience and engagement trend research, and then connect with you for a coaching call.


We can create content and visuals for a marketing campaign or initiative. We could also develop tools to help you market and build brand awareness such as flyers, promo postcards, banners, table-clothes, pop-up banners, downloadable resources, yard signs, door hangers, and posters.


Our team can update a form that needs a facelift, improve a slide deck that is lacking clarity, develop curriculum, or create visuals such as worksheets, teaching materials, data charts, annual report graphics, maps, coloring pages, and Christmas cards.


We can update your team’s bios, develop new website content and blog content, or write social media, email, and video scripts.


Our team can create a communication calendar, do project planning for a particular initiative/campaign, or develop strategies for things like marketing, general giving, or year-end giving.


Our team can help solidify your existing brand, develop a brand guide, or create updated logo files.


We can do a small project for a fundraising event, outreach event, sermon series, community outreach event, or something like Christmas or Easter.


Our team could develop a branded, customizable template for you to use for proposals, forms, social media, slides, or certificates.


We can develop and design brand swag – bags, stickers, shirts, lanyards, coffee mugs, water bottles, backpacks, notebooks, sweatshirts + t-shirts + onesies + bibs, oh my!


Our team can create new business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notecards, connect cards, name tags, email signatures, and signage.


We can make design tweaks or functionality updates to your website.

Amenable in a nutshell

If you refer someone to us it’s helpful for them to know what exactly we do—we’re a branding and creation firm for mission-driven people.

So, what does that mean? Basically, we’re here to handle communication projects or organizational challenges to give your team the space it needs to do its work more effectively. Everything we do is life-giving and constructive, and that’s what we bring to you, whether you need graphic design, an email campaign, or coaching in how to run a healthy organization.

We’ve got a fun way to say thanks.

Every quarter, we offer a different gift card in lieu of gratitude hours as a way of saying "hey, thanks!" if you don't have a project. So many of our clients come through referrals, and it means a lot when you trust us enough to send one of your friends or professional acquaintances our way.

Likewise, we enjoy using these gift cards as an opportunity to share brands we admire. This quarter, our gift cards are for Thistle Farms, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Thistle Farms sells a wide range of wellness items and home decor, but more importantly, every item sold helps provide housing, work, and community support for women who have been sexually exploited. We encourage you to take a look at their life-giving work! 

An attitude of gratitude only goes so far. We've got hours of it.


How do I refer a friend?

Simply share why and how much you love us. Tell them why their lives have been empty without Anna Montgomery & Co and then shoot us a message to tell us you’re sending someone our way. If your friend signs up for a project, we’ll send you a message to let you know you’ve got the hours.

Is there a limit on the number of people I can refer?

Nope! You can receive gratitude hours for each and every person you refer who signs a contract with us.

Who can I refer to earn rewards?

Only new clients may be referred.

Can I receive hours even if I’m not a current client of Anna Montgomery & Co?

Yes!  If you are a past client or even a future client, you can still receive “gifted” hours to use within 6 months. However, both past and future clients must sign a new, active contract with Anna Montgomery & Co in order to use these hours. After signing a contract, you’ll find the hours waiting in your account.

What happens if I go over my five “gratitude” hours?

Don’t worry—we’ll be updating you along the way so that you know when another task might cause you to exceed the five “gifted” hours. Any additional hours would be charged at our regular rate of $145/hour (or your retainer rate if you are a retainer client).

Do my gifted hours expire?

Yes, these hours need to be used within six months of the signed contract.

How can I find out if the project I have in mind can be completed in five hours?

If you’re an active client, just send us a message in Basecamp.  If you’re a past client without an active Basecamp project, you can email Abigail Richardson, our Client Relations Director.

What if I don’t have a project right now?

We know sometimes you don’t have a project waiting in the wings. If that’s you, we’ll send you a thank you gift card.

I still have questions . . .

Great! We have answers. Reach out to our Client Relations Director, Abigail Richardson—she’s got you covered!

Want to talk to a real life human–without the pressure?

Abigail is one of those, and she was actually hoping you'd reach out. We'd love to hear more about your church or nonprofit and its mission.

Schedule a call with Abigail.

Amenable empowers mission–driven people to cultivate trust and communicate honestly through kind and creative brands.