Mark Graham Creative

Los Angeles, Ca

Mark Graham collaborates with composers and musicians to make sure their projects achieve their visions. When he reached out to us, he wanted a brand and website to help him communicate who he is and what kind of work excites him.
Mark Graham is a Hollywood-based musician and collaborator with a vision to help other musicians define their project’s scope, regardless of its scale. More importantly, he’s got the credentials to back it up—Mark has worked on some of the biggest films in history, collaborating with legends like John Williams and Alan Silvestri through orchestration, conducting, and managing recording sessions. He is also the founder of JoAnn Kane Music Services, a music library and score preparation service. He loves supporting less-established musicians by offering his expertise, creative problem-solving, and flexibility so that they can realize the projects of their dreams. As he considered what the future of his career would look like, he realized he needed a website and a clear brand to attract his ideal collaborators.

We had several meetings with Mark to talk about what his brand and website could look like. After sharing some amazing stories about his time in the industry, Mark communicated that he wanted to reach composers and musicians who might be intimidated by his body of work. After all, not many people can say they have worked on Star Wars, Marvel, and Wes Anderson projects. We then settled on a few key ideas: Mark’s website should establish his approachability and credibility and foreground his journey with music. Visually, we opted for paperwhite and earth tones to evoke the image of Mark being an open book and willing resource, and we complemented the color scheme with dozens of gorgeous photographs from Mark’s career. To mirror this focus on approachability and relationality, we foregrounded stories and quotes from some of Hollywood’s top talent and highlighted Mark’s biography along with his professional career. In doing so, we were able to create a beautiful website that serves as a testament to Mark’s past and a calling card for anybody who wants to further the potential of their music—regardless of whether it’s for a blockbuster or an independent first feature.

Prior to working with us, Mark’s online presence was largely limited to his IMDb page. While it was a helpful resource, it didn’t necessarily attract musicians and burgeoning composers who weren’t already deep in the industry. With this new site, we were able to help Mark create a launchpad for the next stage in his career, as well as highlight the stories and experiences that make him an ideal collaborator for any musician, whether experienced or less established. Mark expressed that his perfect project is always the next one, and with his new website, we were able to help him communicate that to the world.


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