Northstar Contracting Services

York, Maine

NorthStar Contracting is a family-owned and -operated company with a heart to serve its community. They specialize in residential and industrial projects–painting, carpentry, media blasting, and everything else. With skill and character that is simply unmatched, the NorthStar team consistently makes a difference in their community by valuing the time, ideas, and spaces of the people they work with. Whether for a residential or industrial project, NorthStar is committed to doing the job right every time.
Founded in 2018, NorthStar is a family dream realized by a father and son duo with a passion for carpentry, repairs, and restoration. After witnessing the lack of standards within the contracting industry, NorthStar’s founders saw a need for professional, honest, and reliable contractors. As NorthStar began to gain momentum, they knew it was time to develop an online presence that would accurately represent their company. After interviewing potential teams to work with, NorthStar felt confident the Amenable team had the skill and ability to convey their mission accurately.

Our team spent time learning who NorthStar Contracting is and where they want to go. We learned about their story and their passion. We asked questions, listened, and asked more questions until we knew we had the information needed to provide them with a brand and online presence that matched their professional, yet down-to-earth, culture. Our team developed an industrial but approachable logo, an informative brand guide, and a semi-custom WordPress site that conveys the mission behind NorthStar. Since then, our team has continued offering marketing support by managing NorthStar’s social accounts and regularly developing marketing tools and print resources. We have also provided warm, down-to-earth professional photography to enrich their website and social media accounts. Our team provides ongoing support and services to allow the Maine community to see NorthStar as a trustworthy and worthwhile investment.

Our partnership with NorthStar has brought major awareness to their brand. Their team has seen incredible growth in market share and recognition in a short amount of time. Their Facebook following has grown substantially and their social media pages have brought in numerous leads. After investing in our professional photography and using it within their marketing and website, NorthStar started getting noticed not only by potential clients, but also by their community, potential partners, and large corporations.

Our marketing is a success because it is a partnership with NorthStar. We communicate their values and diligently promote them, and they confirm the honesty of our marketing by consistently living out their values as they perform their services.


  • Northstar Contracting Services


  • Brand Coaching
  • Brand Strategy & Implementation
  • Marketing Support
  • Retainer
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design
“Amenable has given NorthStar market recognition beyond where we would ever be with our own business efforts.”
“Amenable has spearheaded all of our marketing efforts and has helped create an online presence that truly communicates our goals to the customer. They’ve produced incredible content that helps us stand out from the competition.”
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