It’s all about you. (Not clickbait.)

Around the holidays, many small businesses get so tangled up in what they think they should be that they lose sight of what they are and why small businesses are important.

Particularly around the holidays, small business owners are put in a tricky position as they need to prove their market worth against gargantuan competitors. However, we posit that your value isn’t your work—it’s you. You’re the reason your small business is important.

We’ve created a document to highlight some of the distinctive ways small business owners can use their gifts without minimizing their vision.

This isn’t just a feel-good, LinkedIn type of resource to hype you up. Instead, the goal is to help you think through how you communicate the value of what you do without falling into the trap of consumeristic impulses.

You didn’t start a small business to become a faceless megacorporation.

Why act like one?

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