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We’re big believers in the power of education, and while we love doing projects for you, sometimes it makes more sense for us to teach you the skills you need to be empowered to do the work yourself.

If you or your team are interested in learning, we’re prepared to teach.

Whether you need a few coaching sessions or hands-on workshops to broaden your skill set, we’ll work with you, your team, or your volunteers to help you learn to create and communicate effectively. Right now, we specialize in two workshops:

Brand & Communications Training—how to build and enact effective and creative communications plans. In communication, everything is built on trust, but trust is also established through effective communication. Throughout these workshops, we’ll teach you how to proactively use your brand to mobilize your message, and we’ll share strategies for communicating effectively, thoughtfully, and consistently. By doing so, you’ll be able to cultivate trust with your audience while presenting a clear picture of your work and mission.

Design Thinking Training—how to solve problems through design concepts. Over the past few years, one emergent strategy for organizations is to move away from a simplistic problem/solution mindset and towards creatively approaching challenges the way designers do—with a recursive practice rooted in empathetically listening to your audience’s needs. We’ll walk you through the five stages of this process and help you identify how it could strengthen your work and connect you to more people.

We’re always expanding our education opportunities, and we’re big fans of curriculum development, so if you see something on our list of service offerings and think, “Wow, I’d like to learn to do that,” reach out to us. We’d probably like to make it happen too.



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