Organizational Wellbeing

Health Evaluation, Growth Strategy, & Coaching

People are complicated, especially when they are doing something they’re passionate about.

Whether you need support in figuring out how to course-correct an unhealthy work culture, or you could use an outside perspective on ways to strengthen your organization, we can help you take practical steps towards sustainability.

The drive that unites a team can also create tension when competing values, communication styles, or roles emerge unexpectedly. Conflict is unavoidable, but it isn’t necessarily unhealthy. We specialize in helping you figure out what organizational health and wellbeing look like in your context.

If the above description sounds dire, think of this service more like going to the doctor. Sometimes you go because something’s wrong, and sometimes you go because it’s time for an annual check-up and you want to make sure you’re taking care of yourself the way you should. We’re here to have long conversations with you about what’s working and not working within your organization so that we can help you move forward sustainably.

Every organization is unique, so our work through this service may look radically different depending on your needs. If you’re a nonprofit leader experiencing burnout, you need a different kind of support than the ministry staff that just can’t seem to retain volunteers or the small business owner who has a frustrated staff.

A commonality in each case, however, is that we’ll do a lot of listening. We’ll talk to you and your staff about what’s working and not working, we’ll take a deep dive into your internal and external communications, and we’ll examine challenges characteristic of your field.

We can then use all of that information—along with some supplemental research—to prepare a report for you that identifies strengths within your current structure, areas for growth, and practical next steps so that you can confidently move into the next stage of your organization’s life cycle.


  • Varies by need


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  • Education & Training
  • Implementation Plan
  • Language
  • Organizational Evaluation
  • Strategy Development
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