Omaha, Nebraska

Abigail Richardson

Client Relations Director

As our Client Relations Director, Abigail builds the relationships that help clients imagine the “what-ifs” that lead to growth. Abigail didn’t always consider herself a creative, but when she began to rethink creativity as more than just drawing and painting, she realized that it can be applied to every part of life, even if it’s as simple as trying something new.

In her role at Amenable, Abigail helps clients take the first steps in a similar journey as they begin to rethink the potential in their organization’s mission as they look beyond simply a new brand or website. As she explains, “I also want them to feel empowered to continue to implement their new tools themselves! Everyone can do it!” All brands are built on relationships, which is why Abigail makes a point of ensuring that clients start their relationship with us on the right foot. And that begins with honesty, like being honest about how she is afraid of butterflies but not giant cats—she’s played with lions and tigers (no word on bears, oh my). And how she’s an expert latte artist. And now since getting married, she’s begun to watch golf.

Amenable empowers mission–driven people to cultivate trust and communicate honestly through kind and creative brands.