We’re a branding and creation firm for mission-driven people.

It took us a while to come up with a good way to describe what we do. “Marketing” wasn’t quite right because we care about more than selling things. “Consulting” wasn’t right either because it sounded a little too hands-off for our tastes—a little clinical. 

That’s when we settled on the idea of calling ourselves a “creation” firm. We’re creatives, not only in the sense of making things, but also because we view our work like tending to a garden. Everything we do is life-giving and constructive, and that’s what we bring to you, whether you need graphic design, an email campaign, or coaching in how to run a healthy organization.

It all blooms something new.  

Our clients are experts at what they do. We're experts at helping them prove it.

Our Team

We like each other, and we have a feeling you’ll like us too. We’re a team with diverse skills, interests, and backgrounds because we know that the path to finding your passion is rarely straightforward.

People-Centered creativity is at the heart of all we do.

That means no AI. Ever.

Technology is great, and it’s a vital part of our work, but we’re committed to people-centered design and content. We’ll never cut corners with AI because the rough edges are what make us human. You can expect original, authentic content and design created specifically with your mission and goals in mind.

There are no shortcuts for human connection, so there shouldn’t be shortcuts in your work.

Our Values

No two projects are alike. There’s one thing all of our work has in common, though—we work to empower mission-driven people to cultivate trust and communicate honestly through kind and creative brands. To do that, we have five core values that guide our approach to every single project we take on. 

Start with Trust

Trust is the glue of our relationships. We cultivate deep trust by listening wholeheartedly, communicating clearly, and leading proactively.

Bring some Joy

Wherever we go, we bring fun. We celebrate every win—even the small ones! And we look for opportunities to surprise and delight people.

Coach Kindly

We empower people to grow their dreams and achieve their goals by coming alongside them. Always kind, we coach honestly, manage challenges calmly, and live graciously.

Live Optimistically

We hold a simple-but-grounded belief in the goodness and potential of ideas, people, and projects. This optimism drives us to work hard, live ambitiously, and focus on what matters most in life.

Plan & Adapt

We’re planners who love change. We write plans in pencil and execute them in pen. Connecting authentically means we plan strategically but always look for ways to creatively adapt to more effectively reach people.


Let’s talk about working together.


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Amenable empowers mission–driven people to cultivate trust and communicate honestly through kind and creative brands.

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