Louisville, Kentucky

Brice Montgomery

Creative Director

As a Creative Director, Brice likes to think through how messages are best framed for different audiences and purposes. Brice draws from his background in linguistics to think creatively about how a given message will be received. As he explains, “Communication is always an act of translation, and navigating the space between communicator and listener requires its own kind of creativity.”

Brice recognizes the importance of messaging with a generous ear, preemptively addressing the questions that an audience may have. Brice’s role on our team centers around written communication, and he is excited about finding ways to make messages more accessible, whether that is through writing content or offering tips and feedback on how to strengthen pre-existing content. Ultimately, his goal is to inspire confidence in your brand and your ability to communicate it with clarity.  Outside of his work for Amenable, Brice enjoys reading memoirs, writing essays, and attempting to perfect his croissant skills.

Amenable empowers mission–driven people to cultivate trust and communicate honestly through kind and creative brands.