Muncie, Indiana

Kyra Morgan

Junior Designer & Strategist

As a Junior Designer & Strategist at Amenable, Kyra is responsible for seeing what other people can’t and summoning it into existence, and she always finds a way to take a creative concept and push it beyond what seems possible. She views design as an opportunity for connection and honest communication, and that’s the space she wants to invite clients into.

For Kyra, design isn’t just a skill—it’s a practice of sharpening her skills. In her words, “Once I finish whatever endeavor I may have, it’s always so rewarding to look back at the long and winding creative journey I took to get there, and take stock of what I’ve learned through the process.” Clients who work with Kyra will receive a finished design that honors their voice by extending it in new directions. Two fun facts about Kyra are that she’s a charcuterie master and that she rewatches The Lord of the Rings annually with her sisters—you’ll have to ask her whether or not it’s the extended version.

Amenable empowers mission–driven people to cultivate trust and communicate honestly through kind and creative brands.