Richmond, Virginia

Lily Shanks

Chief of Staff

As our Chief of Staff, Lily has the best of both worlds as she coordinates with both our team and the people we serve to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Lily’s job is really about making the right connections at the right time, and her relationality positions her to do so by considering small logistical details. As she describes it, “It’s truly a delight to learn our people’s needs and deadlines, as well as ensure our team has the resources they need to create truly beautiful and effective products.”

Essentially, Lily keeps Amenable moving like a well-oiled machine, but she is also a big reason it doesn’t start to feel like a machine. Through her attention to people’s needs, she makes certain that we are all able to give our best without burnout, and she makes a point of keeping people up to date on where their projects are at so they can rest easy! Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She also likes running and old, impractical houses.

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