Purcellville, Virginia

Molly Hutson

Social Media Intern

As one of Amenable’s social media interns, Molly Hutson creates content and ensures that everything you see online is engaging and interesting. Molly studies journalism,  and doing so gives her unique insight into the importance of communication and its potential for beauty. Furthermore, she views it as an opportunity to emulate Christ. She explains, “I love knowing that Jesus was a storyteller. He is the ultimate example of using words to tell the truth, persuade a crowd, encourage the brokenhearted, and heal the sick.”

Molly hopes that every client she interacts with gets to see the tangible impact of effective social media communication, and she wants them to feel empowered—to recognize that they are experts at what they do and that she is simply helping them present that expertise more effectively. In her spare time, you might find Molly photographing a wedding or playing one of her three instruments (you’ll have to ask which ones).
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